September 25, 2009


'Tis the season for fear, and we've got quite a few Halloween-themed screenings coming up in the next month...

October 4: Barcelona, Spain
NIGHTMARES will play back-to-back with the original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (introduced by John Saxon!) as part of the Sitges Film Festival's Tribute to the 1980s. Fangoria editor (and NIGHTMARES interviewee) Tony Timpone will introduce the documentary at 10AM in the Cine Prado.

October 4: Hollywood, California
NIGHTMARES makes its west coast debut at Shriekfest, the annual Los Angeles Horror / Science Fiction Festival. The screening will take place at the Raleigh Studios Chaplin Theater (5300 Melrose Ave.) starting at noon. Seats are limited so buy your tickets early!

October 9: Orlando, Florida
NIGHTMARES will screen at 7:30pm at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend. The festival will feature NIGHTMARES interviewee George A. Romero as one of its guests of honor, along with John Landis, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Tippi Hedren, Linda Blair, Adrienne Barbeau, and many many others (including multiple cast members from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and the original HALLOWEEN 2)!

October 10: Chesapeake, Virginia
NIGHTMARES will appear in this year's Monster-Fest at the Chesapeake Public Library, between Eric Miller's film TASTE THE BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN and a much anticipated documentary on the Old Dominion's favorite TV horror hosts called VIRGINIA CREEPERS. The screening starts at noon.

October 17: Manchester, England
The Festival of Fantastic Films, held each year in NIGHTMARES director Andrew Monument's hometown, hosts our UK debut. The festival will be attended by several icons of British horror, including director John Hough (THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE) and Hammer filmmaker Peter Sasdy.

October 23: Jacksonville, Florida
NIGHTMARES will be featured in the annual Five Points Horror Fest at 7:30pm in the Five Points Theater.

October 24: Providence, Rhode Island
The Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival will screen NIGHTMARES at the Providence Public Library at 1pm. The documentary will be preceded by John D. Reilly's "short thriller" CELERIAC. (Synopsis: "Ce-le-ri-ac, n. An edible variety of celery cultivated for its swollen knobby root. Many claim this type of celery is hard to prepare, so pay attention.") I admit I'm curious....

October 26: Dublin, Ireland
NIGHTMARES will be featured in the Irish Film Institute's annual Horrorthon. The IFI touts the documentary as "an utterly essential work that gives finally credit where credit is long overdue," adding, "You’ll have to excuse us. We just died and went to horror geek heaven." The screening begins at noon.

Halloween: Las Vegas, Nevada
Last but certainly not least, NIGHTMARES will screen at 4:30pm on Halloween, as part of Fangoria's 1st annual Trinity of Terrors convention, to be held at the Palms Casino. This is shaping up to be Fangoria's biggest convention ever, and guests will include Roger Corman and George Romero, among many others. Genre icon and NIGHTMARES narrator Lance Henriksen will introduce the screening! Talk about horror geek heaven...

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Tanked said...

I saw Nightmares when it was screened at Spooky Empire's Horror Weekend. Great film. Observations on the Thing were particularly amusing. Looking forward to being able to show this off to friends.