October 7, 2009

Early Reviews

"Finally, the horror doc we've been hoping for... a fascinating watch for both passionate and casual fans, made by people who really seem to care about their subject matter."
- The Vault of Horror

"Horror fans new and old will certainly enjoy the film for its scope and obvious high regard for horror films as a whole."
- Horror Movie A Day

A "meat-and-potatoes horror documentary which truly satisfies... Has everything you’ve ever wanted in a horror documentary, without simply showing you random scenes of films of the past."
- HorrorBlogger.com

"An incredibly entertaining documentary that aims to please both the hardcore horror fans and newcomers alike. Beyond that, it works on its own as a fine horror-filled clip show."
- FearNet

"Nightmares in Red, White and Blue delivers a film school semester’s worth of knowledge in one tight and thoroughly entertaining feature, and goes a long way toward validating horror as a respectable film genre. Whether you’re looking to expand your movie horizons or simply ride the nostalgia train, this documentary has it all!"
- Dread Central

"An utterly essential work that gives finally credit where credit is long overdue... You'll have to forgive us. We just died and went to horror geek heaven."
- Irish Film Institute

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