November 9, 2010

VIDEOSCOPE and beyond....

"Joseph Maddrey produced and scripted this documentary based on his book of the same name. The film has been steadily praised for its intellectual prowess amid radioactive mutations and crazed monsters... Editor/director [Andrew] Monument keeps the visuals moving, with stimulating cutting of apropos trailer title cards splashing across the screen, often cleverly timed with the narration - a fast-moving assemblage that spans A titles to Z-grade schlock... There is a vast amount of study and insight here, so whether you're a student of black-and-white Universal monsters or crave the crimson coagulations of Herschell G. Lewis, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue smartly dispenses it all in a winning style." - Videoscope (Fall 2010)

"The benefit of documentaries like this one is that they bring a seriousness to the oft-maligned genre, discussing them in a manner beyond the usual fan discussions. A defense of The Silence of the Lambs as a true horror film, despite the producers categorizing it as a thriller, is welcome, and for anyone who has had that discussion, Nightmares provides a fairly succinct argument for horror here. More importantly, the documentary is recent, so it manages to address the current wave of remakes and adaptations of foreign horror, which must now be part of our discussion of the genre."
- The Last Blog on the Left

"You may be thinking... I know my horror history and don't need to see anything about it. You may be right, but even for an old-school horror vet like myself I found plenty of enjoyment and even learned a few new things from this flick... It is worth checking out for any horror fan since there's bound to be something you haven't heard or didn't know... As far as documentaries go, this one is among the better ones I've seen." - Mondo Film & Video Guide

"NIGHTMARES is without a doubt the most complete, in depth look at American horror cinema ever put together... Smart, insightful, entertaining - this documentary does it all, and well... I can't stress enough that every fan of the genre NEEDS to check this one out." - Akron Horror Movie Examiner

"Nightmares in Red White & Blue really does open your eyes with interesting commentary from some of the sharpest minds in horror and will make you reflect on Disney classics like Pinocchio in an all new light... Whether you are new to the genre or have loved it since childhood you will find something new and worth reflecting on in this highly though provoking look at the genre and its impact on America and the world." -