November 9, 2010

VIDEOSCOPE and beyond....

"Joseph Maddrey produced and scripted this documentary based on his book of the same name. The film has been steadily praised for its intellectual prowess amid radioactive mutations and crazed monsters... Editor/director [Andrew] Monument keeps the visuals moving, with stimulating cutting of apropos trailer title cards splashing across the screen, often cleverly timed with the narration - a fast-moving assemblage that spans A titles to Z-grade schlock... There is a vast amount of study and insight here, so whether you're a student of black-and-white Universal monsters or crave the crimson coagulations of Herschell G. Lewis, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue smartly dispenses it all in a winning style." - Videoscope (Fall 2010)

"The benefit of documentaries like this one is that they bring a seriousness to the oft-maligned genre, discussing them in a manner beyond the usual fan discussions. A defense of The Silence of the Lambs as a true horror film, despite the producers categorizing it as a thriller, is welcome, and for anyone who has had that discussion, Nightmares provides a fairly succinct argument for horror here. More importantly, the documentary is recent, so it manages to address the current wave of remakes and adaptations of foreign horror, which must now be part of our discussion of the genre."
- The Last Blog on the Left

"You may be thinking... I know my horror history and don't need to see anything about it. You may be right, but even for an old-school horror vet like myself I found plenty of enjoyment and even learned a few new things from this flick... It is worth checking out for any horror fan since there's bound to be something you haven't heard or didn't know... As far as documentaries go, this one is among the better ones I've seen." - Mondo Film & Video Guide

"NIGHTMARES is without a doubt the most complete, in depth look at American horror cinema ever put together... Smart, insightful, entertaining - this documentary does it all, and well... I can't stress enough that every fan of the genre NEEDS to check this one out." - Akron Horror Movie Examiner

"Nightmares in Red White & Blue really does open your eyes with interesting commentary from some of the sharpest minds in horror and will make you reflect on Disney classics like Pinocchio in an all new light... Whether you are new to the genre or have loved it since childhood you will find something new and worth reflecting on in this highly though provoking look at the genre and its impact on America and the world." -

October 12, 2010

New DVD Reviews... and New Music!

"Nightmares in Red, White and Blue is the perfect way to get pumped up about October, my personal favorite month out of the year thanks to the strong proliferation of horror movies that will surface over its 31 days. Besides the novelty of seeing so many well known and cult classic horror movies represented through clips, the documentary truly does have some fascinating things to day about the genre. From tracing the different sub-genres that have risen and fallen based on the real-life fears Americans have faced at the time to the idea of a monster as the hero, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue does an admirable job at providing a sense of history and importance to a genre that is often overlooked or (worse) looked down at." - Inside Pulse

"Instead of making an I Love the 80's style drek-fest, the makers of NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE & BLUE: THE EVOLUTION OF THE AMERICAN HORROR FILM have relied on some of the most influential and educated gents in the horror film genre to talk about their love and knowledge of horror. First and foremost, this is a horror documentary by a horror fan about horror. Assembled is a group of people who not only make horror, but understand its importance and the impact it has had on society and how horror reflects the way of life occurring at the time... There's a respect for these guys in the time given them to talk that someone who isn't in love with the genre would never allow. I can imagine an MTV produced special, edited all to hell and soulless. This isn't one of those documentaries... This is the type of doc that makes you think and ask questions not only about the films we love, but the world we live in." - Ain't It Cool News

"What sets Nightmares apart from its peers is its intriguing thematic analysis of dark cinema, and its hypothesis that most major movements of American horror, from the monster movies of the '30s to the slasher cycle of the '80s, reflect the state of America at the time they were made... Many of its claims aren't original (the assertion that Wes Craven's Last House on the Left is actually an anti-Vietnam allegory has appeared in many books), but it's the first time all these theories have been gathered together in one place... It's a fantastic distillation of why horror enchants so many of us. As such, it's required viewing for all dark cinema fans, regardless of whether you (like me) have read just about every book or article on horror movie history every written." - Scranton Horror Movie Examiner

"Nightmare in Red, White and Blue takes over where past documentaries style films have left off. I enjoyed every second and found the director commentaries entertaining and educational. A really kick ass compilation and best documentary overview I’ve seen this year!" - Horror News

"A wonderful history lesson... No stone in American Horror is left un-turned. The doc has been criticized because it does not pay enough respect to foreign horror. This may be fair, but I mean at the end of the day, that's not what the documentary is about. If you love horror movies, you owe it to yourself to pick this up." - The Genre Squad

"Along with a doc from earlier this year, American Grindhouse that concentrates on the history of exploitation cinema, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue is a must see document for both horror mavens and cinemaphiles alike." - Free Press Houston

Fans of NIRWAB might also be interested in a new CD by musician Paul Casper, who composed the original score for the documentary. Details HERE.

September 3, 2010

DVD Reviews... and a Nomination!

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue has been nominated in the Second Annual Reaper Awards (a.k.a. the "Grimmys") as "Most Anticipated Nontheatrical Coming to Disc." VOTE FOR US HERE!!! (Winners will be announced on October 12.)

Here are some new reviews of the highly anticipated DVD release...

"With a self-explanatory title and Lance Henriksen’s evocative voiceover narration, this superbly edited and intelligent documentary consists of eloquent talking heads and extremely well chosen film clips... The quality levels are high enough to ensure this makes a favorable addition to an already impressive year for horror movie documentaries... Consider it an essential purchase." - The Horror Review

"The film is great as a compendium of horror film clips that should have viewers updating their Netflix queues with classic horror titles. The execution (no pun intended) of the film's clip montages is superb - a particularly memorable one juxtaposes the graphic sex of horror films with their accompanying graphic murders in a way that is perverse, and perversely funny." - Home Media Magazine

"As accessible as it is smart, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue provides a unique perspective on the rise of the American horror film to meet the demands of a changing society. Horror fans looking to dig deeper into what makes the genre tick should find this documentary indispensable." - Classic Horror

"A deeply insightful documentary that no self respecting horror fan should miss. If you're interested in what makes the horror industry tick, this has a lot of the answers. Definitely not one to be missed!" - Horror Chronicles

"Although documentaries are pretty common, we don't have as many as we should here in the horror community. Luckily, this one covers pretty much all bases... All in all, this documentary kicked ass" - Horror-Movies

August 11, 2010

Nightmares in Toronto

NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE will make its Canadian premiere at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear on Friday, August 27... with narrator Lance Henriksen in attendance!

It will be followed by a screening of Simon Rumley's unrelated but cool-sounding "slacker revenge movie" RED, WHITE AND BLUE (2010). Other guests at the festival will include David Cronenberg, Ken Russell, Bill Moseley, William Forsythe, Heather Langenkamp and James Marsters.

August 1, 2010

The Latest Reviews

"Nightmares in Red, White and Blue will take you through a century of horror and shines just enough light on each decade or period of the genre to make you wish that you grew up with each and every incarnation of the horror genus. For any true horror fan, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue should not be missed." - Killer Reviews

"This reviewer recommends that you check out this film if you are a devoted horror film lover. For adult audiences, Nightmares can be enjoyed because the film focuses on the best in the business, while giving insight in to the devices that have made horror so long lasting and appealing." - 28 Days Later Analysis

"Don’t think you’ve seen this all before because this one bounds past the usual tunnel vision horror fan approach... It may sound silly but the type of discussion within the film makes me proud to be a horror fan. This is a documentary that understands the power of the genre to speak of anxieties we’ve yet to fully confront... I honestly think that it would be impossible for any horror fan not to enjoy this informative yet still jocular examination of the history of horror film in America. Miss this one at your own peril." - Kindertrauma