September 3, 2010

DVD Reviews... and a Nomination!

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue has been nominated in the Second Annual Reaper Awards (a.k.a. the "Grimmys") as "Most Anticipated Nontheatrical Coming to Disc." VOTE FOR US HERE!!! (Winners will be announced on October 12.)

Here are some new reviews of the highly anticipated DVD release...

"With a self-explanatory title and Lance Henriksen’s evocative voiceover narration, this superbly edited and intelligent documentary consists of eloquent talking heads and extremely well chosen film clips... The quality levels are high enough to ensure this makes a favorable addition to an already impressive year for horror movie documentaries... Consider it an essential purchase." - The Horror Review

"The film is great as a compendium of horror film clips that should have viewers updating their Netflix queues with classic horror titles. The execution (no pun intended) of the film's clip montages is superb - a particularly memorable one juxtaposes the graphic sex of horror films with their accompanying graphic murders in a way that is perverse, and perversely funny." - Home Media Magazine

"As accessible as it is smart, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue provides a unique perspective on the rise of the American horror film to meet the demands of a changing society. Horror fans looking to dig deeper into what makes the genre tick should find this documentary indispensable." - Classic Horror

"A deeply insightful documentary that no self respecting horror fan should miss. If you're interested in what makes the horror industry tick, this has a lot of the answers. Definitely not one to be missed!" - Horror Chronicles

"Although documentaries are pretty common, we don't have as many as we should here in the horror community. Luckily, this one covers pretty much all bases... All in all, this documentary kicked ass" - Horror-Movies

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